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Madison Edition Unstained Austin Purple on Gold Cuff-link Edition
Madison Edition
Our Price: $675.00
Unstained Austin
Our Price: $315.00
This is very much unlike any other shield out there. It is made with 5 layers of wood and features gold lit letters with a purple backlights. Each color can be cycled on/off independently, or wired based on your needs. This shield is hand-crafted and 3D shield that can be left plain of stained any color to make a custom shield! This is the Purple on Gold Cuff-link version of the current shield that is being used by the Fraternity.
Gold on Gold Austin Delta Sigma Theta Crest 24" Full Lampado Shield
Gold on Gold Austin
Our Price: $315.00
Delta Sigma Theta Crest
Our Price: $225.00
24" Full Lampado Shield
Our Price: $175.00
This is the classic version of the current shield that is being used by the Fraternity. This is a 4-dimensional Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Crest. The size is approx 13"x18". It is made with top quality lumber and painted with artist grade media. It comes with free engraving on the back! The is a 24" version of the Full Lampado. It is much like other Wood Iz Good shields , as it has three layers of wood. It includes mounting hardware and free engraving on the back
18" Golden Pearl Austin Retro Purple on Purple Cherry Wood Stained
18" Golden Pearl Austin
List Price: $175.00
Our Price: $175.00
Retro Purple on Purple
Our Price: $175.00
Cherry Wood Stained
Our Price: $175.00
The is a custom shield with some key variances from the traditional look. First, 4 pearls are gold. Next, the wreath is brown instead of black paint, blood drops on swords and multicolor lamp/flame. It comes with mounting hooks and free personal engraving on the back. This a a 3-dimensional version of a previous shield. It includes free custom engraving on the back and mounting hooks for easy mounting
1919 Oracle Shield The Lampado Golden Oak
1919 Oracle Shield
List Price: $150.00
Our Price: $150.00
The Lampado Golden Oak
Our Price: $60.00
The is the shield that was displayed on the cover of the 1919 Oracle. It comes in three separate pieces , or can be purchased on a framed plaque. It features an engraved wreath and free personal engraving on the back. Instructions/hardware on how to mount each piece are provided.