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18GPAUSTIN   18" Golden Pearl Austin
1919OS   1919 Oracle Shield
1919OSPLAQUE   1919 Oracle Shield w/ Plaque
20PEARLPADDLE   20 Pearl Paddle
24ORACLE   24" 1919 Oracle Shield
24FULLLAMPADO   24" Full Lampado Shield
4SP81   4 Shield Plaque
18APOG   Austin Purple on Gold
POGWLTS   Austin Purple on Gold w/Lights
18APOP   Austin Purple on Purple
POPWLTSGL   Austin Purple on Purple w/Lights Gold Line
CAMOBOAK   Camo Bead Oak Tiki
36CAMO   Camo Edition
CAMO18   Camo Edition
CHPTIKI   Chapter Tiki
CWS000   Cherry Wood Stained
CBT   Cigar Bruhz Tee
36-CROWNO   Crown Omega Edition
18COGP   Crown Omega Shield w/ Gold Pearls
COWP   Crown Omega White Pearls
CUFFLTS   Cufflink Edition w/ Lights
DST1   Delta Sigma Theta Crest
DSTWS   Delta Sigma Theta Wall Structure
OPPFMONUMENTDEPOGG   Founders Monument - Old Gold Granite DEPOSIT
FOUNDEROAK   Founders Oak Tiki
36GOG   Gold on Gold Austin
GOLDOAK   Golden Oak
GOLALTB   Golden Oak Lavalier w/ Alternating Wooden Beads
GOLMB   Golden Oak Lavalier w/ Matching Wooden Beads
MADISON   Madison Edition
OCTPSTB   Oak Chapter Tiki Purple and Purple and Stained Beads
OOPPFST   Oak Omega Psi Phi Tiki
OGCTPGB   Old Gold Chapter Tiki Purple and Gold Beads
OG2PURPTIKI   Old Gold to Purple Oak Tiki
LMP01   Omega Psi Phi Life Member Plaque
OPPFWS   Omega Psi Phi Wall Structure
OPP1911   Opp 1911 Tee
OPPGOOD   Opp I'm Good Tee
PROPERTY   Property Tee
POGCLE   Purple on Gold Cuff-link Edition
36POPA   Purple on Purple Austin
36POPCLE   Purple on Purple Cuff-link Edition
ROZ   Retro OZ
RPOP   Retro Purple on Purple
RO   Rusted Oak
SEERSUCKERTIKI   Seersucker Oak Tiki
6FTOLDE   Six Foot Old English Paddle
4FTOEPADDLE   Small Old English Paddles
SADTTIKI   Solo, Ace, Deuce, Tre
STACKEDLETTIKI   Stacked Letter Tiki
TOMGD   Tail, Omega Man, QDOG
Lampado   The Lampado
TPBSE   The Lampado Burning Sands Edition
TPCHE   The Lampado Camp Howard Edition
TLGOAK   The Lampado Golden Oak
TPPOG   The Lampado Purple on Gold
TLPOP   The Lampado Purple on Purple
TM   The Majestic
UNSTAINED   Unstained Austin

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